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As a freelance science writer, I wear a lot of hats and write for many different places. Here are a few of the pieces I’ve written:


Freelance journalism (selected pieces)
News Features for Scientific Journals 




Freelance Journalism (selected pieces)
Institutional Writing (selected pieces)

(Note: I try to limit the amount of institutional work I do to avoid accumulating conflicts-of-interest. At present (1/21/19), the only institutional work I’m doing is for the Harvard Molecular & Cell Biology Department website and news-feature pieces for Cell Press journals on a freelance basis. I previously interned at Cell Press’s media relations office.  Full list of perceived conflicts-of-interest available upon request.)

News Features for Cell Press Journals




Freelance journalism (selected pieces)
Favorite Press Releases from Internship at Cell Press
Institutional Writing (selected pieces)



The Atlantic


Scientific American


Method Quarterly


Scope (MIT)

Knight Science Journalism

Scientista Foundation

Minority Postdoc

nSCI Profile Series 




2013  & earlier

Bard Science Journal:


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