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New Gig: Acting Editor of Science Philosophy & History at Lateral Mag!

[A screenshot of the webzine Lateral’s home page. The theme of June is Sport.]

I am super-psyched to announce that I’m taking on a new part-time gig as editing stories on the history & philosophy of science at an up-and-coming webzine called Lateral.

It’s based out of Australia, has monthly themes like Nautilus, and is largely written and edited by grad students who are considering or transitioning into science writing careers. (And if, I’m not mistaken, that’s a large chunk of the audience here on this blog.)

I’ll still be posting original blog posts on this site every Thursday(ish)*and pitching stories as a freelancer. The good news is that if you’ve ever thought, “Hmm…I wish I could get Diana to edit some of my science writing,”  now you can, by pitching me stories and essay ideas for Lateral. 

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If You Like My Meta, Check Out My Medium…

Two days ago, I got my lovely copy of the splendiferous new book Science Blogging: The Essential Guide. I immediately commenced to reading it, annotating it, and beating the hell out of it.

So far, my biggest takeaway is: I gotta get this goddamn blog on a consistent schedule.

(Also, the authors of the book– who I collectively consider to be the closest thing science journalism has to The Order of the Phoenix– point to a lot of trends I’ve noticed and writing strategies I’ve realized are helpful, which is pretty darn validating.)

So from now on, come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, Thursday 3:00 pm is my deadline for hitting publish on a new post.

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