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Open Letter to the Editors of the Asteroid Belt Almanac

Every now and then. I have one of those days where I just have to go to the bookstore. It’s not because my surroundings are devoid of reading material; my room, the libraries I sit in while I write, the uncomfortable chairs outside of scientists’ offices where I wait to interview my sources, the cafes where I meet with editors and fellow science writers to talk shop, are all alive with books and magazines.

But sometimes a writer just needs to go buy a freakin’ magazine (or seventeen), Just to get a feel for the different types of articles that make it into print. How long are they? What are they about? How much time do those stories spend profiling the scientists versus explaining the mechanisms of the science?

So every six or seven months, I just go through and buy issues of whichever magazines are appealing to me that day (and then feel wracked with guilt because I can’t actually afford magazine subscriptions).

Today I stumbled acrossThe Asteroid Belt Almanac. I hadn’t seen it before; it was with the literary anthologies that no one but creative writing professors ever buy. But I wanted to know more about this little publication that touted “a collection of snapshots and stories exploring the intersection of science and art.” Continue reading “Open Letter to the Editors of the Asteroid Belt Almanac” »