Blog Experimentation in Progress: Recaps vs. Listicles

[“Stockpile” photo by Stephen Edmonds via Flickr/Creative Commons]

This week, I’m taking a dollop of my own advice and building a “stockpile” of future posts for this blog.

But like blogging itself, building a post stockpile requires a lot of guesswork. The Internet is fickle, and even though I have a pretty good idea of who follows me on Twitter (biology grad students!), I have much less idea of who reads this blog.

To quote Ed Yong (from his chapter in Science Blogging: The Essential Guide): “If you’re not sure who your readers are, ask them–every year, I create an open thread on my blog where I invite readers to say something about themselves,  their background, and their interests.”

Consider this the official “de-lurking” thread 2016.

No need to ID yourself as an individual. Any random non-specific fact like “I’m from Cleveland” or “Raccoons do not get enough media attention, imho” will do.

Questions I’m Most Curious About: 

  • What do you do? (Could be hobbies, work, what you studied in college, or a combo.)
  • What topics do you like to read about?  (Gene Expression? Climate Change? Fungi? Neuroscience?)
  • How do you feel about listicles? (Or if you’re a long-time reader, how would you feel about a Return of the Recaps?)
  • And finally: What movies do you go around quoting in real life?  (When I was about 12-13, I went through a phase where I communicated almost exclusively in quotes from Pirates of the Caribbean, Galaxy Quest, Secondhand Lions, and even The Country Bears…so I really can’t judge) 

Sound off in the comments!

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