Boston & Cambridge Biology Talks: May 12th through 19th

Every week, I compile a list of biology-related talks at the universities and museums around the Boston Metro Area.

A pdf of this week’s complete list can be found here. (PDF includes links to event details.)

This week’s highlights include:

Visiting famous person of the week: This Saturday Harvard Natural History Museum is showing a series of films about this gorgeous national park in Mozambique (Gorongosa), and they’re capping it off with a panel discussion featuring none other than E.O. freakin’ Wilson.

Least well-thought-out talk title: “There Will Be Blood: Seal and Sea Lion Healthcare at the New England Aquarium” at the New England Aquarium on Tuesday at 7:00 pm

The “Sweet! I’m glad that seminar is still going even though school let out!” Award: Northeastern’s Bioengineering & Systems Biology @Northeastern at 2:00 pm Thursday (Northeastern has a really cool biophysics scene…Harvard & MIT have the molecular/biochem scene locked down, but somehow Northeastern does really well at throwing biophysics events…)

Thing that has me ruing my own lack of forethought: The Picower Institute is throwing an all-day conference about the relationship between early-life stress and mental health tomorrow. You had to register by May 1st, but there will be a livestream. (You’d think that as a combination science writer/academic talk ski bum/internet person who’s trying to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between neuroscience, social justice, & psychiatry, I’d be able to muster enough forethought to find out what the Picower Institute is doing more than a couple of days in advance….But noooo….Still procrastinating.)

The “Oh, hey! An Oak Ridge scientist is visiting!” Award: Shaheen Azim Dewji of ORNL on “Evolving Radiation Detection Challenges in Nuclear Safeguards and Security” (That was earlier today, but I’m having a moment of hometown pride anyway.)

Excellent question that only MIT ppl & rich ppl are allowed to know the answer to: “How Will Drones and Other Flying Robots Shape Your Everyday Life?”  @MIT Enterprise Forum on Thursday 5:30 pm (If you’re MIT, you can go for free. If you’re not, you have to pay $45.)

Runner up: “Can you hide in an Internet Panopticon?”@MIT CSAIL on Thursday 4:00pm

The “Wow. You can tell the MDs & engineers were in charge of naming that” Award: “Progress in Winning the War on Cancer Symposium” @Longwood Medical Campus on Tuesday afternoon

Miscellaneous Talks That Sound Interesting to Me:

  • “Building the Future Spacesuit” @Radcliffe Institute (Harvard), Thursday 7:30 pm
  • “Brown v. Board at 60: A Pathway to Inclusion” @Harvard Law School, Thursday 4:00 pm
  • “Aging Successfully: What’s Best for You? Where, Why, What, When and Who?” @MIT, Wednesday, 4:30 pm
  • “Hot air and cold water: The evolution of lunglessness in amphibians” @Harvard, Wednesday 12:00 pm
  • “Deep Mutational Scanning to Analyze Protein Function” @MIT, Thursday, 4:00 pm
  • “Grab, Pull, and Cut: Mechanisms of Protein Degradation by the 26S Proteasome” @Harvard Medical Research (have to check in at security desk), Tuesday 12:30 pm

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